Breastfeeding Help in Miami Dade

and Broward County areas

When problem after problem popped up after the birth of my son, I knew I had to find help if I was determined to continue nursing. From our first consult, Andrea put me at ease. She expertly answered my questions and provided resources and suggestions which paved the way to a long lasting breastfeeding relationship for me and my son. Even though I nursed a child for two years, with the birth of my 2nd, I knew Andrea’s professional guidance would be just as important. Again, her quality of care to our unique challenges went above and beyond. Breastfeeding both my children has become one of my greatest joys. If you are searching for a knowledgeable and wholeheartedly supportive lactation consultant, Andrea is the only person I would recommend. - Christine, Rocco and Juliet


AETNA MEMBERS: The Milk Collective is now in network with Aetna. Lactation services for the breastfeeding parent may be covered by your insurance plan if you are an Aetna Member. A travel fee will apply for in-home lactation services which is not reimbursable by your insurance company.

Lactation Consultation: $185.* 1.5-2hrs. Congratulations--your sweet baby is finally here! You’ve heard and read so much conflicting information meant to help you through breastfeeding, but you’re still uncertain or having difficulties. During this private, in-home consultation, we’ll assess you and your baby together. Some of the things we may cover during this consultation are: a complete oral assessment and suck evaluation of the baby, a full breastfeeding evaluation and feeding observation, help with latch and positioning, an assessment of milk production, and pumping and bottlefeeding tips, if applicable. At the end of the consultation, you’ll be given an easy to follow written care plan reiterating what we went over and highlighting the steps to work on. This consultation also includes ongoing phone and email follow up for up to two weeks after the initial consultation.

Follow Up Lactation Consultation: $160.* 1-1.5hrs. While it's always our hope that most breastfeeding issues will be resolved during the initial lactation consultation, sometimes, ongoing assessment and care are a necessary part of a successful outcome. During this follow up consultation, we'll update the care plan and tackle any lingering issues not resolved at the initial consultation. 

*Travel Fees apply for in-home lactation services.  Add $50 for multiples.

Tongue/Lip Function Evaluation -- $100. 45 minutes. Maybe the IBCLC in the hospital or your pediatrician mentioned there was something about the way the baby was sucking, or maybe you've read about tongue tie and lip tie online. During this evaluation of infant oral anatomy and suck function, we will go over your symptoms, possible outcomes, treatment options and different provider options. This includes a follow up email with detailed information. This evaluation is not meant to substitute a full lactation consultation and is for the purposes of evaluating baby only. If breastfeeding problems are significant, an initial lactation consultation will need to be scheduled in addition to this evaluation.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class: $150. 1.5-2hrs. Your family is growing! Naturally, you have questions about how to feed your baby, what to expect at the time of delivery, and how to get breastfeeding off to a great start. This private consultation is tailored to your particular needs and concerns. The best time to schedule the class is after your baby shower, or, around the 33rd to 35th week. In office only.

Back to Work Consultation - $125. Going back to work after a baby is one of the most stressful things families encounter. During this virtual consultation, we will go over how to create a milk stash for returning to work, a pumping schedule and tips unique to your work situation, transitioning between breast and bottle, helpful tips for the baby’s caregiver, and what to expect as you and your baby adjust to this new phase of your breastfeeding relationship. This includes a written care plan and short phone follow up after the 1st week of your transition to tweak any unexpected issues. The best time to schedule a back to work consultation is approximately 4 weeks before your start date.

Baby’s First Foods - $85. Transitioning from breastfeeding to solid foods can be exciting, but daunting as well. During this virtual consult, we discuss signs of baby’s readiness to transition to solid foods, how best to transition without decreasing your supply significantly, some different ways to feed your baby to encourage the breastfeeding relationship, and of course, some better, healthier alternatives to baby’s first food (spoiler: it doesn’t have to be rice cereal!). The best time to schedule this consultation is around the 5 month mark, or, sooner if baby's healthcare provider recommended starting solids earlier than 6 months.